Friday, December 5, 2008

Socialized Medicine Part 857

Yesterday on the "Ask the Governor" show that is regularly hosted by Jim and Margery on WTKK in Boston, MA Governor Deval Patrick made a comment regarding healthcare that required at least five Advil.

A caller had been taking care of three foster children. She complained to the Governor that the assistance they were receiving from the state was insufficient. But it lacked relative to what the deadbeat, drug addicted parents were receiving. As in, she was not complaining as much about her lack of assistance - more so the lack of relative assistance. She then touched a nerve. She mentioned health insurance.

Governor Patrick quickly chimed in, (paraphrasing) "Now, you're not suggesting that they shouldn't be receiving health insurance, but rather that you should be".

Of course not! Who would even conceive of suggesting that the government should not provide healthcare to such people???

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